You may have seen on my Instagram that I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago. It was my first time in the city, and I have to say, I ultimately fell in love – it tops my list! Lucky enough I have a fantastic Parisian friend that was able to take me around and show me the city. Our itinerary included the most touristic places of Paris, but also the less known ones. We explore gardens and little stores that only Parisians know, maybe that is precisely why I loved it so much. I decided to then share my itinerary with you. Oh, my two days included a lot of walking, so I recommend you to wear very comfortable shoes!

Day 1

Started the day by meeting my friend under the beautiful Eiffel Tower where I came to learn that the tower had to be a piece of art make for world’s fair to celebrate the centennial of the French Revolution that was so successful that the city decided to maintain it – What a fantastic idea! We headed to the Champ de Mars and took a sightseeing cruise called “Les Bateaux Parisiens.” During the journey, we had an overview of the city through its principal river,  Seine and spot several of the city’s monuments like the Notre-Dame cathedral.

After the boat, we walked along the Seine, crossed the Passerelle Debilly to reach the Palais de Tokyo and the Paris Modern Art Museum where we had a café. If you have time the museum is worth a visit, and Palais the Tokyo is beautiful! We continued walking along the Seine and passed by Alma where Princess Diana died, then crossed the Seine to reach Musée d’Orsay where we spent a couple of hours going through its best galleries! After the museum, we took the Pont Royal to reach Tuileries Garden and The Louvre.

We had a quick stop for lunch and then went to Palais Royal where we found a beautiful fall garden, and the colonnes de Buren and then walked across some of the covered passages of Paris like Galerie Vivienne (my favorite!), Passage des Panoramas, Passage Jouffroy and Passage Verdeau. We then entered La Mère de Famille (one of Paris oldest candy shops) and walked to Printemps Department Store hoping to explore the terrace, but it was closed! We then decided to go to Le Marais where we walked through its beautiful Parisian streets until we reached Place Des Vosges. Then we entered the Hotel de Sully and walked through the area where I found beautiful blue doors and cute little stores. Then we reached the Rives de Seine again and walked along the river while the sun was going down! So beautiful! I highly recommend you to stop at one of the bars and have a drink here!

We decided to end the day by watching the sunset at Sacré Coeur, on your way up there don’t forget to stop by La Maison Rose Cafe! For dinner, we went to Jeanne B – this cute French place near Sacré Coeur, I highly recommend it!


Day 2

As during day 1 I saw the Louvre from the outside, I decided to go to the museum first thing in the morning on day 2. The best time to go is actually in the evening when it is emptier. However, I had scheduled a dinner, so I had no other choice. Book your ticket online to not wait in line, and use one of the side entrances instead of the main one, sometimes they are empty! Before entering the Louvre make sure to check The Cour Carrée which is one of the main courtyards of the Louvre Palace. It was built steps by steps as the medieval Louvre castle was progressively demolished.

What you can not miss inside of the Louvre: The masterpieces( The Mona Lisa, Victoire de Samothrace, Venus de Milo, and Radeau de la Méduse), The Galerie dÁpollon, and the Apartments of Napoleon III.

After visiting the museum, I headed to Place Furstenberg where I visit the small Musée Delacroix with a lovely Parisian garden. From there, I took a break at Café De Flore in front of St. Germain des Prés Church and then decided to visit the Gallerie Le Bon Marché.  On the way I had to stop by the luxurious Hermès Store. Later I visited Saint Sulpice Church and headed to the Garden of Luxembourg. Then to wrap  it up I visited the Pantheon and then valked through the lovely rue Mouffetard.


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